It’s game day… where is everyone?

February 17, 2016

I am proud of my industry and the business I have created.  As in any industry, be it a teacher or lawyer, the competency level of all agents is not the same!  Multiple offer situations can be very intense and emotional,  because ultimately there can only be one winner!

3 competing offers and only two realtors on the porch?  One offer was just emailed in.  WHAT?! Advantage Jovicic!

Standing in the foyer, I wonder if those poor people know that their Realtor wasn’t even present.  More over, do they know that I am here for my client?  Do they know that the odds are stacked against them before we even get started?

Being present gave a face to my offer.  I was at liberty to introduce my offer, to the ultimate decision makers, the sellers.  No room for error.  The Sellers asked questions about my offer & my buyers, I answered.  It puts me in the game. Most importantly, I am present with some skin in the game, ready to pick up on nuances & seize the opportunities that are present.  To make/save my clients money.  To secure the deal & win!

Usually offers are close.  The smallest advantage wins.  But if an advantage falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it… has it really happened???

I was physically there and I overheard specific dialogue about what the seller wanted.  I don’t work for the seller.  I work for the buyer.  I am obligated to use anything I know for, buyer’s advantage.  Case in point!

Snap shot of my Buyer: couldn’t be any busier, running two business’, household, 2 kids … but when I was able to reach them while at the table with the Sellers- who do you think looked more serious. My buyers were set up to win.  They knew to be available, they knew to keep their phone close, we were working as a team.  While the other agent was leaving vm’s frantically trying to reach his clients- my offer was being accepted!

If I wasn’t present, I would not have been privy to the information that was leaked.  I wouldn’t have been able to nudge the series of events to meet my clients needs.  My clients might have had to pay more!