a little common sense

March 5, 2018

you don’t need to hire an agent.  the real estate market is booming in London, ON & everything is selling so, SO  fast.  you feel you don’t need to hire a professional.  your home is perfect & will sell itself!  plus, you’ve heard of this company that charges a small fee to help you sell your home yourself.  they organize the professional photographs & list your home on  mls & they use “real agents” & you’ll save thousands of dollars.  genius!

congratulations you SOLD!  after only 2 days “on the market” you have managed to sell your perfect house for full price. AMAZING!  you knew you could do it. pff- it’s not rocket science! AND you saved 2%- thats’s SO much money.  gotta love that “I sold” feeling!

you saved thou$and$.  you agreed to pay the buyer’s agent for bringing you the great offer.  but…  you saved thousands of dollars since you didn’t need to pay a listing agent.  the buyers agent disclosed to you that they were working for the buyer, but she drafted the paperwork & will ensure its accurate.  great deal for you, all the legalities taken care of. right?

you forego representation yourself.  then you pay the buyer’s agent. to negotiate on behalf of the buyer.  (read that again!)


agents didn’t know you were for sale- what?!  when you list with a discount/you sell, company in London, ON; your home is NOT listed on our local board, as a house for sale.  it is listed on the internet but not on the London board.  what does that even mean?

it means that London Realtors didn’t know your house was for sale.  people looking on the internet, knew you were for sale, but is everyone looking on Realtor.ca?  in time?  the market is so fast paced that most buyers will engage the services of a realtor.  the buyers working with realtors, IS the largest buyer pool.  but you sold with a realtor.  a realtor brought their buyer- they knew about your property…

yes but, did most of the agents know?  or just a few?  the truth is, only a portion of potential buyers knew you were for sale.  that buyer’s agent found you & your listing … to get the best deal for her buyer!  that buyer paid full list price.  she would have had to pay more, if she was competing against others.

check your “real agent’s” status on lstar.ca (London & St.Thomas Association of Realtors)


you don’t know what you don’t know!  was your list price, THE price?  or was it too low? how savvy was your “real agent” to the local London market conditions?  did your property have the most exposure?  would an agent launch have created a frenzy? was your property mass marketed like every other or was the plan specific to your home & situation to maximize your sale price?  each home, each area and each price point is different.

are you sure you reached every potential buyer that would have had an interest?  are you confident that out of town company knew what they needed to know about our London market?  did you save money? did you get the highest possible price for you home?  would you have netted more money by hiring a local London agent?  you think you saved money because you didn’t have to pay commission but in fact- you lost out on a major opportunity to make money!