real estate period

February 28, 2019


That’s what I do.  No side hustle, no part time job, nothing else! Just real estate.

It’s all I’ve ever done. It’s what I love. It’s what I read about in my “down time” 🙂

I’ve been in the real estate field in one capacity or another, since the age of 16.  I was the evening & weekend receptionist for a local Re/max office.

At 18, after finishing high school one semester early (🤓), I was the full time secretary for Sutton Group. 

At 19 & while attending U.W.O., I was a real estate assistant. 

This is where I actually started making deals.  Helping people secure financing to buy and helping sellers in sticky financial situations, (it was that kind of market) , so they could move forward to a comfortable price point. Problem solving.  This is where the magic happened.

For four years while at university, that was my job.  

I couldn’t see myself doing anything else after I graduated from U.W.O.   I secured my real estate license & never looked back.

I love helping people.

I love problem solving.

I love the real estate business.

So notice the period.  It’s intentional.